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Kerataconous is the thinning and the subsequent development of a dome shaped cornea. The cornea is the clear lens that covers the pupil and iris of the eye. For reasons that are not fully understood this gently curved surface can become dome shaped.

The purpose of the cornea is to focus light on the retina that is located in the back of the eyeball. As the cornea becomes dome shaped, the area of focus on the retina changes. Vision then becomes blurred and images are no longer distinct.

Kerataconous is usually diagnosed during puberty until the late teenaged years. The dome will usually increase in size for about 10 years and then stop growing. Nothing can be done to stop the progression of kerataconous. Kerataconous will decrease visual acuity dramatically as the cornea becomes more misshaped.

Initially the condition may be helped by glasses or soft contact lenses. However, as the dome shape a progress, the best vision acuity is obtained when the patient is fit with rigid gas permeable (RPG) lenses. Both eyes may be affected but not always to the same degree. Severe cases of kerataconous may require surgery.

If you are diagnosed with kerataconous, it is important to go to an eye care professional that has experience with treating this condition. This is a progressive condition that will require a change from soft contacts or glasses to rigid gas permeable lenses over time. Your eye care professional will need to be ever vigilant to your changing cornea shape to make the appropriate changes.

It takes a skilled practitioner to get the right fit of the RGP lens over the cone shaped cornea. You will need to expect to make a couple of trips back to your eye care professional to have the initial fit checked and the prescription fine tuned. Regular eye exams will need to become part of your routine for the rest of your life. But that really isn’t any different from anyone who doesn’t have kerataconous.

The symptoms of kerataconous can be easily dismissed at first, which is why yearly eye exams are so important. Headaches that are caused by eye strain, blurry or distorted vision, and increased sensitivity to bright lights are a few of the common symptoms. Patients can also have real issues with glare from lights.

Some patients find out they have kerataconous when they are being examined for LASIK surgery because their glasses or soft contact lens have become ineffective. Unfortunately, at this time LASIK surgery is not advised for patients that have kerataconous.

The cause of kerataconous is not known. Patients that frequently, vigorously rub their eyes are more prone to develop the condition. It has also been occasionally known to run in families, although generally someone will develop kerataconous without any family history.

Ill fitting rigid contact lenses may predispose you to developing kerataconous. It is so important to keep your yearly eye exam appointments. Even if your eyes feel fine, there are several conditions that your eye care professional can catch before it becomes an issue. Familial retinal diseases may also put you in a higher risk group of developing kerataconous.

Catching kerataconous early and then following up with the treatment plan is absolutely essential. If left untreated, kerataconous can cause scar tissue to form at the point of the cone. This scar tissue will have a devastating effect on visual acuity. The only reliable treatment at that point is surgical corneal transplantation.

Kerataconous is a manageable eye condition. If left untreated vision can become very poor. If treated early by an eye care professional that is experienced with kerataconous, visual acuity can be optimized. Early treatment is key is maintaining excellent vision. Your eye care professional will also keep you abreast of any new treatment options that may become available.

Fouad Melamed, O.D. is a Los Angeles area Eye Doctor. He frequently writes about issues realted to eye health, eye disease, and eye care. You can reach him at 323.655.6582, or @melamedeyecare on Twitter. Join his Facebook Fan Page at

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A Whole World of Color Contacts

There is a whole world of color contacts to choose from these days. Colored contact lenses can reveal a new individual. Colored contacts come in a wide array of colors. Even if you have very dark colored eyes, you can change your eye color with contacts.

Colored contacts are also available for those individuals that need toric lenses for astigmatism. The color selection starts with two main categories. Translucent tints work well for patients that have a lighter colored iris. Opaque lenses work very well for people:adults or children with a dark colored iris but want a much brighter tone.

Quite a few individuals prefer to go for a particularly dramatic change in their eye color, while others simply prefer to add a bit more shade. The choice is all in the eyes of the beholder. You may be interested in getting a couple of different colors. Your eye color can then change with your mood.

Just think of the possibilities. Perhaps you have hazel colored eyes but have always wanted green eyes. Now that can really happen. Or perhaps you have always wanted richly warm brown eyes. That can be your new eye color. The colors are available to match your desired eye color.

Colored lens choices have moved beyond the traditional colors. For those that really like to make a bold statement there are violet and aqua colored lenses. For those that are adventuresome but want just a little less boldness, a soft honey color or perhaps a grey would be more in line with their persona.

Contact lenses of any color are a medical device and must be properly fitted by an eye care professional. Eyes are very delicate and can be injured or damaged by improperly fitted lenses. Even people that wear colored lenses strictly for cosmetic reasons (without any vision correction) must be properly fitted.

As with all lenses, you will need to follow your optometrist's advice on wear time, changing lenses, proper storage of lenses when not being worn, and follow up examinations. This is all a relatively small price to pay for lovely eye color and clear vision at the same time.

Fouad Melamed, O.D. is a Los Angeles Eye Doctor, specializing in Optometry. He frequently writes about eye health, glasses, contacts, etc. For more information, you can

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Dry Eyes In Los Angeles

I live in the Los Angeles area, and I treat a lot of patients for dry eyes. Dry eye syndrome in Los Angeles is a very common problem. Put basically, it is a condition whereby the surface of the eye does not have enough moisture. People who suffer from dry eye syndrome in Los Angeles can have problems ranging from minor, but constant, irritation to chronic inflammation of the anterior (front) tissues of the eyes. Having a good Los Angeles eye doctor can help you with the problem.
The medical term for dry eyes is keratitis sicca. It refers to the fact that some people develop a tendancy to produce less, or no, tears for moisture. Keratoconjuctivitis sicca refers to a dry eye condition that ends up affecting the cornea and conjunctiva.
So, what are the symptoms of dry eyes? You may have a problem with dry eyes if you have persistent dryness in your eyes, and/or a persistent scratching and burning sensation. Often, people will have tried liquid tears to no complete effect. Another symptom of dry eyes can be a nagging and persistent feeling of having a foreign body in the eye.
Dry eye syndrome in Los Angeles can be affected by our climate, our issues with the environment, and our issues with pollutants in the air. We live in a big city, and there are inherent issues like pollution, allergens, etc., that we live with. Whatever the case, dry eyes need to be treated by a competent Los Angeles eye doctor.

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